Dan Karleen

Thanks for visiting my website. A little about me:

  • When not hanging out with family and friends, I develop online businesses and am particularly interested in online publishing, as well as email, e-newsletters, and search.
  • I am a big fan of open source technology like WordPress.  Lately, I’m getting interested in Moodle and other open source learning management systems.
  • Should you wish to learn more about my professional interests, see LinkedIn.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking, especially furniture making. I’ve made cabinets, tables, and counter tops. I also enjoy home improvement projects of all kinds.
  • If your last name is Karleen, there’s a good chance we’re related. I’d enjoy hearing from you. (And the rest of you, as well.) Email me at dankarleen [at ] gmail [dot] com.
One of my favorite spots - under the Walnut Tree

One of my favorite spots – under the Walnut Tree

I’m a big proponent of supporting local business. Here are a few exceptional businesses you may want to check out.